Botho Art Collective


Botho Arts Collective is an artist-led art fair that aims to bridge the gap between artists and the art market, focusing on artists from Africa and the diaspora. The name “Botho” comes from the South African Sesotho word, which means “I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE,” emphasizing the interconnectedness of humankind. The art platform seeks to celebrate the collective nature of culture and heritage, offering a space for artists, collectors, and their communities to create a unique art experience.

The Botho Art Collective logo features organic geometric shapes forming the letters BAC, which can also serve as canvases for artwork and visuals. The first exhibition in Los Angeles showcases collaborative work by various African artists.

Botho Arts Collective Open Call poster and Logo design

Botho Arts Collective Postcard and Artist poster

Botho Arts Collective 

Botho Arts Collective Artist Booklet

Botho Arts Collective Exhibition